Visit Positano

Like all good things, getting here is not easy. Positano is somewhat secluded along the Amalfi Coast without direct access to airports or train stations. The easiest ways to get here are via ferry, rental car or a private driver.

How to get there

If you are coming from abroad, you will likely start your trip in Naples or another major Italian City with an international airport or train station. To reach Positano, you can expect the travel times below:

  • Naples to Positano: 1h15 minutes driving
  • Sorrento to Positano: 35 minutes driving, 45 minute ferry
  • Amalfi to Positano: 40 minutes driving, 20 minute ferry
  • Capri to Positano: 50 minute ferry
  • Salerno to Positano: 1h25 minutes driving, 1h15 minute ferry

If you’re opting to come via car, I recommend using a private driver over a rental car. Why? The roads are winding and narrow and parking is scarce and expensive! Unless you are planning a full tour of Italy via rental car, I don’t suggest renting one to come to the Amalfi Coast. If you do decide to go on a day trip or want to have the quintessential Amalfi Drive experience, consider renting a vintage Fiat or Vespa to cruise along the coastline (plus it’s a perfect photo-op for memory lane!)

What to do in Positano

Positano is a gorgeous small town along the coast and it’s the perfect spot to relax and take it easy. You won’t find tons of attractions here, but you will find lots of magnificent views, beautiful shops, delicious restaurants and charming street corners… plenty to keep you entertained!

Check out my Instagram Guide to the Amalfi Coast for the best views and photo-worthy spots in Positano!

Explore the town

The town center is full of winding roads and alleyways climbing up the cliffside. I loved getting lost here, although you may need to be in a bit of shape for all of the stairs! If you love shopping for local foods, handmade gifts or Italian fashion, check out the shops along Via Cristoforo Coloumbo, Piazza dei Mulini, Via del Saracino and Viale Pasitea.

Have a beach day in Positano

Positano has a few different beaches where you can set-up and enjoy the day with your beach babes. You are welcome to go to the public beach and bring your own towel, but I recommend renting a chair and umbrella from one of the beach clubs. These typically cost around $14 per chair, but they are well-worth it! The beaches here are pebble beaches, so it can get a bit uncomfortable on a towel all day, plus some beach clubs offer food and drink service right to your chair! That’s my kind of holiday.

Check out the main Spiaggia di Positano for the best views of Positano on the beachside. If you’re wanting something more secluded, make a reservation at Arienzo Beach Club. This beach is a small boat ride away from Positano and it is a great little escape away from the hustle and bustle! If you decide to book a spot here, you will be picked up on the Arienzo Beach Club boat shuttle from the main marina in town and brought to the private beach a few minutes away from the town center! Make sure to reserve in advance because spots fill up quickly in the summertime!